• Parents, Grandparents & Care Givers get to spend quality together time out of doors with children
  • Teaches kids about food basics of growing organic food
  • Kids eat more vegetables!
  • Teaches kids about soil, bugs, environment & balance of nature
  • Teaches self-sufficiency
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Teaches pride of ownership and improves self esteem
  • Cost savings over purchasing store-bought vegetables

Recent study reveals……

“If kids grow vegetables, they’re more likely to eat them” Published in a new Cornell study published in Acta Paediatrica “shows that when garden grown vegetables were slipped into school salads, kids were over four times as likely to take a salad”……

……A gardening study published in the Journal of American Diatetic Association found that 98% of the children study enjoyed tasting new fruits and vegetables, 96% enjoyed working in the garden and 91% enjoyed learning about fruits and vegetables through a gardening project. The study also found that gardening significantly increased the number of new fruits and vegetables children tried. Amazing!

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